No, we are do not. We team up with a distributor who can take care of all your alcohol needs. Prefer to shop yourself, no problem we will get you a detailed shopping list.

Well that’s a loaded question, there are many layers! Our hourly pricing starts at $200-300/hour for our larger bar props ( Horse Trailer and Tap Wagon). That does not include, travel, tax, and auto-gratuity. That does include, Bar, Staff, Staging of Bar and Bar-Top, Necessary tools of the trade, Planning Services, & Tap System. (4 hour Minimum)

We do offer some standard bar options.  These will be closer to the $125-175/hour.  The standard bar packages do not include a tap system.

The simplest way to know for sure is to reach out for an estimate.  Reservations

4 hours

Yes we have liquor liability insurance and general liability.

Tipsy Horse was our first mobile bar. She’s a 1969 horse trailer conversion.

Paddy is our tap wagon. He is a he and we aren’t sure why. Somethings just are.

We normally stick within a couple of hundred miles. But mobile is mobile. Hit us up you never know! We do charge $1 per mile both ways, the first 30 miles is free.

Normally no. We can team up with a non-profit or a local professional and figure that out!

We love to offer pairings of cigars with your beer, wine, or cocktails of choice.  We can do it all or we can just bring your the cigars you chose based on our recommendations.  We can even offer an attendant to help your newbie cigar aficionados enjoy!

Pairings start at $200-400 per event. Cigar prices are additional.

Well it’s an option for pictures for sure. But once we have your kegs tapped ole Paddy isn’t going anywhere.

On occasion we do. Not very often as we have found that most events do require some assistance with planning. We are a full service kind of place.

We absolutely can if your rental company is unable to.

We offer all kinds of drinks, mocktails, coffee, italian sodas, espresso stations, cocoa, and cider.

Seriously you never ask a girl that?  Kidding this is here as a reminder to Tipsy Mama to get those for you?  Check back soon!!

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