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If after you run some of your numbers you would like to proceed with a complete estimate.  BE SURE TO FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW!!  We do not collect any data from your estimates calculator.  The below form is how you proceed to get tipsy for your event.  That calcs are for you to get an idea of our pricing!  THANK you 

Give us a Call if you have any Questions! 530-321-5997 

Book 5 hours 6th Hour Free- Large Bar Props only

Fill out the below Booking Form to see what specials we are running. 

The estimate calculator only gives you an idea of our per person, per hour rates. 

We offer large party discounts, Locals, and seasonal specials

Your complete estimate is a few details and clicks away.  

Our biggest reach out is overpricing and will our services mesh with your budget?!?!?!  Check out our pricing and try our Event Calculator, COMING SOON!

These prices are applicable to Hosted and Non-Hosted/Cash bars.  Non- Hosted receive a discount on the packages starting at 25% varies based on the size of the event.  Please send in the reservation form to get your exact estimate and discount.  Mark the CASH BAR option so we know to apply your discount or leave us a note in the comments section.


Standard Bar or Wine Barrel Bar 

Beer and Wine Service- $2/person per hour

Beer, Wine, and 2 Signature Cocktail Service- $2.50/person per hour

Full Bar- $3.00/person per hour

Large Bar Props (Horse Trailer, Tap Wagon, Trike)

Beer and Wine Service $3.50/person per hour

Beer, Wine, and 2 Signature Cocktail Service $4.00/person per hour

Full Bar- $4.50/person per hour

Each package is full service, we bring every little thing we need to take care of you and your guests. Bar, Staff, Planning, Disposable serving cups, garnishes, cocktail napkins, mixers, ect. 

**Additional Charges, Travel $1 Standards and $1.50 Large Bar Props, Gratuity 18% and ALCOHOL- as required by state law that is a separate charge roughly you can plan to spend $8-$15/person. 

Tipsy Horse Mobile Bar Company, the place where memories are made with boujee bars, bomb drinks,  fine cigars, and some stellar bartenders. More fun than seems possible in one evening. Servicing Chico, Orland, Red Bluff, Redding, Sacramento & surrounding areas.

Please Note:

We offer a variety of bar options.  From Hosted Bar-Host pays for all alcohol and we just serve their choices To Cash Bars- Guests or patrons pay for their drinks throughout the event.  Reach out to us with your event details and let us help you serve up the drinks you want with the bars you want – how you want it!

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